Sheel Shukla

Sheel Shukla

Chairman - NIEMS

Dr. V Kumar

Dr. V. Kumar

M.D.E.H,N.D,D.I.Hom. (London)
Advisor in Chief - NIEMS
President - Indian Electro Homeopathic Medical Council, New Delhi

It gives me immense pleasure to know. The National Institute of Electro Homeopathic System of medicine in going to establish at Delhi & Mumbai for the session of 2016-2017.

Medical care is one the primary needs of humankind and it is obligatory that medical facialities should be easily accessible to the people. In this direction, India has traversed a long distance but still a lot remains to be done. Therefore it is need of the hour that all the modern as well as traditional systems should be promoted in long way.

The Indian Electro HomeopathicMedical Council, New Delhi deserves appreciation for its committed efforts made for the development of Electro Homeopathy since 1968. These days, more & more people are finding this system as safe and effective as they cure diseases without side effects I hope that this system of medicine will also be able to cure dreaded diseases like cancer, aids, cardiac, diabeties& metabolic Disorders etc.

The electro homeopathic treatments is purlybassed on plant kingdom.So that itstotallyharmless system of medicine for the mankind. IEHMC. is fully devoted for the development of electro homeopathy in whole of the India as well as globalizing this system.

I hope the NIEMS will do the better education & research work at Delhi& Mumbai simultaniously. It will be landmark working for promotion of electro homeopathy & will go a long way in making the life of the people healthy and meaningful.

I with the good success for NIEMS.

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