Become a Practitioner (Doctor) of Electrohomeopathy

NIEMS: National Institute of Electrohomeopathy Medical Science

is running under the aegis of Wisdom India Trust for the Certificate, Diploma and Advance Diploma Courses in Electrohomeopathy. First institute in Delhi. Read More

Admission Process & Fees Admission Form

Admission Call Mr. Kundan Kumar: 9870519320

NIEMS Course & Syllabus


FOUNDATION COURSE in Electrohomeopathy

Applications are invited to become practiotioner (Doctor) in Electrohomeopathy therapy
system for Foundation Course.

Any person in any age even the people in other profession can join Foundation Course.


Introduction Classes: 5 hours

Foundation Course: 60 hours

Note:Classes are also available Saturday and Sunday Schedule.

Certificate Course In Electrohomeopathy

  • Course duration : 1 Year Course + Six Month intrenship
  • Eligibility : 10th Pass With Science Subject + 2 Year Medical Practice Experience OR 10th Pass Without Science Subject+ 3 Years Medical Practice Experience

Diploma Course In Electrohomeopathy

  • Course duration : 2 Year Course + 1 year Internship
  • Eligibility : Certificate Course In Electrohomeopathy OR 10 + 2, With Biology OR 10+2 Non Medical + 1 Year Medical Practice Experience

Advance Diploma Course In Electrohomeopathy

  • Course duration : 3 Year + 1 Year Internship
  • Eligibility : Diploma Course In Electrohomeopathy OR 10 + 2, With Biology & English OR 10+2 Non Medical + 6 Month Medial Practice Experience

Main Features of Electrohomeopathy

  • It has the greatest capacity to cure disease quickly.
  • The remedies are prepared from only medicinal plants.
  • There are no major adverse/side effects.
  • They are cheap, and thus cost effective.
  • Inadvertent overdose does not cause any harm.
  • Electrohomeopathic system of treatment can assist the Government for reaching the goal “ Health for all.
  • बीमारी का तेज गति से इलाज़ होता है।
  • इसकी दवाएं वनस्पति अौषधियों से ही तैयार की जाती है।
  • इसकी दवाओं किसी प्रकार कोई नुकसान (side effect) नहीं है।
  • ये दवाएं महँगी नहीं होती है।
  • असावधानी वश यदि आपने कभी जरुरत से ज्यादा मात्रा में इस दवा का सेवन कर लिया तो भी किसी प्रकार का कोई नुकसान नहीं हो सकता है।
  • एलेक्ट्रोपॅथिक सिस्टम को मुख्य धारा में जोड़कर पूरे देश और विश्व को स्वस्थ किया जा सकता है।